Premium Exhibitor Bars can be purchased through the registration page by selecting "Premium Exhibitor" as your registration type.
Premium Exhibitor fee includes registration for 1 individual from the organization.
Please see contact information below to inquire about the video showcase and branded lounge Premium Exhibitor opportunities.

Premium Exhibitor Bar     ($3,000)

One-on-one interaction with attendees
-limited number available-
Located in prime position within the networking foyer outside the main meeting space, an exhibitor bar allows you to meet directly with attendees, set appointments, and provide one-on-one trainings. Consider it your storefront at Resource Bank. This interactive exhibitor opportunity is designed to help your organization achieve its goals for engaging with attendees and connecting with the right people onsite.

Fee includes (1) representative’s conference registration, 6-ft exhibitor bar, stools, electricity outlet, custom signage with your logo and description, and prominent profile in the event app.

Video Showcase     ($5,000)

Digital opportunity to share your organization’s mission
-very limited number available-
For conservative movement organizations that would like to get their mission and priorities in front of the whole audience during one of the main sessions, consider registering for this Video Exhibitor opportunity. Your video (up to 60 seconds) will play during a key opportunity in the main stage programming.

Fee includes placement of one video up to 60 seconds into the main stage programming. **Note: Fee does not include video production. All production is the responsibility of the exhibiting organization.**

Branded Lounge Grouping   ($10,000)

Visibility without constant interaction
 -limited number available-
Another great way to engage your brand with attendees is to exhibit with a branded lounge grouping. The popular networking lounge at Resource Bank is constantly packed and this allows your organization to have a strong presence and share important resources and materials.
Fee includes branded signage, custom throw pillows with your logo, and ability to display brochures on one of only a few prominent lounge seating displays in the networking area.

For questions or additional information about Exhibitor Opportunities, please contact:

Mary Swift
Assistant Director, Events, The Heritage Foundation