Date & Time
Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Session 2A - Bitcoin and Blockchains: The Basics and Beyond
Blockchain technology drives Bitcoin and all other crypto currencies.  Why is this technology so important and how will it impact the marketplace?  What are some key regulatory hurdles that could prevent blockchain technology from benefitting millions of people around the globe?
Moderator: Norbert Michel
Director, Center for Data Analysis, The Heritage Foundation
Andrew Hinkes
Co-Founder, Partner, General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, Athena Blockchain
Jonathan Johnson
President, Medici Ventures
Session 2B - Competition in Electricity Markets: What Texas Got Right and What Ohio Got Wrong

Conservatives have long argued that a single payer system in healthcare removes choice and competition and stifles innovation.  The same holds true for electricity markets.  Join us as we observe lessons learned from two states who have experimented with free market electricity policies.

Moderator: Nick Loris
Research Manager, Energy and Environment and Herbert and Joyce Morgan Research Fellow, The Heritage Foundation
Devin Hartman
Electricity Policy Manager and Senior Fellow, R Street Institute
Joe Nichols
Policy Analyst, Economic Research Center, Buckeye Institute
Bill Peacock
Vice President of Research, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Session 2C - Communications Workshop: Leveraging Digital Media for Mission Delivery
Digital media has not only transformed the way we communicate, it has opened up completely new ways to accomplish our mission.  During this discussion, you will learn from experienced digital innovators how they are harnessing the power of new technology to save babies from abortion, turn ideas into law, and provide instant feedback to lawmakers.
Moderator: Maria Sousa
Director, Digital, The Heritage Foundation
Leslie Graves
Chief Executive Officer,
Tim Kachuriak
Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer, NextAfter

Session 2D - Development Workshop: The Big Ask
Somebody famous once said "Ask, and ye shall receive."  Fundraisers can plan, prep, research, and prepare, but they must get around to making an ask.  This session will provide you with the tools you need to effectiviely prepare and undertake a major solicitation for your organization.
Moderator: Jeffrey Trimbath
Senior Advisor to the President for Donor Relations and John Van Kannon Fellow in Philanthropy, The Heritage Foundation
Tarren Bragdon
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Foundation for Government Accountability