Date & Time
Thursday, June 7, 2018, 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Session 4A - Development Workshop: How Major Donors Think: A Conversation
In this conversation, we will ask how a major donor couple thinks about their philanthropy, what they look for in organizations they support, and how they view fundraisers.  You will glean insights about how to inspire your own current and propspective major gift donors.
Moderator: Jeffrey Trimbath
Senior Advisor to the President for Donor Relations and John Von Kannon Fellow in Philanthropy, The Heritage Foundation
Philanthropist Couple
New York

Session 4B - The Cultural Crack-Up: Can We Recover?
The progressive agenda has dominated academia, media, science, and now big businesses.  Identify politics, cultural cronyism, and illiberal intolerance are the order of the day.  How has this happened and have we reached a cultural tipping point?
Moderator: Mike Gonzalez
Senior Fellow in the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, The Heritage Foundation
Matthew Continetti
Editor-in-Chief, The Washington Free Beacon
Jon Entine
Executive Director, Genetic Literacy Project
Bill Meierling
Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President for External Relations and Strategic Partnerships, American Legislative Exchange Council

Session 4C - Communications Workshop: The Power of Storytelling to Shape Hearts and Minds
"Those who tell the stories rule society," Plato once said.  He was right.  That's because human beings were born to process information - and understand life - through stories.  This discussion will center around what makes a good story, why conservatives have failed to deploy this weapon, and why we must.
Moderator: Genevieve Wood
Senior Communications Advisor and Senior Contributor, The Daily Signal
Lee Habeeb
Vice President of Content Development, Salem Radio Network

Session 4D -
Building Communities that Thrive
As government steps in with its heavy hand and preferred solutions, too often programs meant to build opportunity create detachment and dependency.  Faith-based leaders and the marketplace can help restore dignity and build caring communities that thrive.
Moderator: Randy Hicks
President and Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Center for Opportunity
Leah Hughey
City Director for Jacksonville, Flourish Now
Jared Meyer
Senior Fellow, Foundation for Government Accountability
Kevin Roberts
Executive Director, Texas Public Policy Foundation
Robert Woodson
Founder and President, The Woodson Center