Date & Time
Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
Session 3A - Rolling Back the Administrative State
As Washington has gained power and the administrative state has grown, decision-making has moved further away from hard-working families and local communities.  Strategies to reinvigorate our federalist system, promote innovation and competition in the states, and return power to the people provide a promising way forward.
Moderator: Paul Winfree
Director of the Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation
Rachel Barkley
Director of Outreach, House Republican Conference
Mark Chenoweth
Executive Director and General Counsel, New Civil Liberties Alliance
Todd Gaziano
Director of the Center for the Separation of Powers, and Chief of Legal Policy and Strategic Research, Pacific Legal Foundation
Paul Teller
Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, The White House
Session 3B - Giving Every Child the Chance to Succeed: Education Savings Accounts and Private School Scholarships in Florida
Florida leads the nation in the number of students using private school scholarships and education savings accounts.  Learn how parents are using these scholarships and savings accounts to give their children opportunities to succeed.
Moderator: Jonathan Butcher
Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Education Policy, The Heritage Foundation
The Honorable Byron Donalds
House of Representatives (FL-80)
Ron Matus
Director for Policy & Public Affairs, Step Up for Students
Donna Berman
Andrea Wiggins
Session 3C - Winning Hearts and Minds: Effectively Engaging Millennials and Young Professionals
Millennials care about more than just Soul Cycle and selfies.  What do they value?  What are the best social media strategies?  How can you connect to students on campus and young professionals?
Moderator: Kelsey Harkness
Senior Media Manager, The Heritage Foundation
Lyndsey Fifield
Social Media Manager, The Heritage Foundation
Rebecca Liner
Executive Vice President, James Madison Institute
Dann Mead Smith
President, Washington Policy Center
Session 3D - Trends in Polling: Communicating a Conservative Agenda in the Trump Era
In the 2016 election, a new set of issues began to dominate national discourse, culminating in then-candidate Trump defying pollster predictions.  Where does the electorate stand today on the issues that will define the country's future and how do we communicate conservative priorities?
Moderator: Elizabeth Fender
Manager, Marketing, The Heritage Foundation
Scott Rasmussen
Editor-at-Large, Ballotpedia