The Heritage Foundation's annual Resource Bank Meeting brings together policy makers, problem solvers, donors, and doers from across the nation in an engaging and collaborative environment.  Over three days, these leaders and influencers engage in strategy discussions and make connections to chart new paths in policy solutions and reforms that bring true change to families and communities.
Take a look at what other leaders have said about their experience at Resource Bank.
Heritage's Resource Bank Meeting is unequivocally the leading gathering for leaders of our nation's conservative organizations. This gathering not only allows me to learn from the myriad of speakers and panelists that Heritage is able to assemble; but, also allows me to learn from and share resources with my peers, who like me, are on the front lines of leading their organizations to champion issues of freedom and liberty.

- Derek Kreifels, President, State Financial Officers Foundation
This was truly an extraordinary event. The presentations and discussions offered genuinely fresh perspectives and new ways to think about old issues.  Formulaic conservative bromides were shunned in favor of presentations that made us examine our assumptions and think more expansively about public policy.
- Doug Badger, Senior Fellow, Galen Institute
Inspiring speakers in general sessions were motivation to keep at the work; sessions were constructive for my day-to-day job; networking opportunities with peers from other organizations and with millennials in attendance were beneficial.
- Jill Mattox, Foundation Grants Manager, The James Madison Institute