Challenge Circles will bring together small groups of leaders and influencers with similar interests and cross-sectional expertise to tackle a designated challenge on a specific policy issue, upcoming fight, or new strategy to grow the movement. Challenge Circles will be hosted outdoors to encourage focused and informal conversations.


Below are topics and questions to get the conversation started.

Round 1: Challenge Circles

Wednesday, June 2 | 1:45 - 2:30 p.m.

1. Winning the War on Woke: Corporations | Andy Olivastro

Do we engage boards or employees first? And how?


2. Making the Message | Brian Phillips

What should you say to convince your audience to be believe in you, change their mind, or commit to some action?


3. Election Integrity | Garrett Bess

What best practices can we point to from our efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat in elections going forward?


4. Ask the Experts: Podcasting | Michelle Cordero

In building or continuing a podcast, what are your biggest challenges? Biggest successes or failures?


5. Engaging Parents in the Fight for Education | Lindsey Burke, Ph.D. and Katie Gorka

How do we create support for parents and build their confidence in making their voices heard?


6. Advancing the Plan for Personalized Health Care | Marie Fishpaw

How can we best engage policymakers and the public to build on COVID-era innovations and build momentum for a truly patient-centered health policy agenda?

Round 2: Challenge Circles

Thursday, June 3 | 9:00 - 9:45 a.m.

1. Winning the War on Woke: Education | Lindsey Burke, Ph.D. and Jonathan Butcher

How do we replace the new discriminatory ideas from critical theory that are being taught in classrooms?


2. Ask the Experts: Addressing your Fundraising Challenges | Ann Fitzgerald and Doug Schneider

What's hindering your fundraising growth?


3. A Plan for Energy and the Environment | Andrew Wheeler and Myron Ebell

How do we broaden the energy and environmental policy agenda without alienating those on both sides of the aisle who conclude that climate change is the paramount issue of the day?


4. Election Integrity: Poll Watching and Election Operations | Janae Stracke

What have states learned about election processes since Florida 2000 and November 2020?


5. Winning the War on Woke: Accountability and Shareholder Activism | Amy Willhite

Which rankings matter most --to the public, to employees, to the C-suite?


6. An Agenda for Urban America | Katie Gorka, Terry Tracy, and Michael Hendrix

What are the key strategies for building long-term cooperation with urban-based think tanks on key policy issues and their unique impact in urban areas, and what's the return on investment?

Round 3: Challenge Circles

Thursday, June 3 | 1:45 - 2:30 p.m.

1. More than Mending Section 230 | Lora Ries and James Bowers

How can consumers, coalitions, and grassroots best fight the abuses of Big Tech?


2. The Boy Crisis and How to Fix It | John Papola

How can we combat a cultural and political landscape that is stacked against men, specifically in their roles as fathers?


3. Winning the War on Woke: Religious Liberty | Bridget Weisenburger and Emilie Kao

How do we respond to religious exercise being limited to the church building?


4. Election Integrity: Ranked-Choice Voting | Rebekah Paxton

Where does ranked-choice voting pose the greatest threat? And, how can we prevent it?


5. Messaging and Reaching New Audiences | Jo Jensen and Lenny McAllister

How do we identify new audiences, create sustaining relationships, and reach a consensus on policy solutions?


6. Winning the Bernie Voter | Morgan Zegers

How can we shift a well-intentioned Bernie voter to our side?