What is the Resource Bank Meeting?

Heritage's Resource Bank Meeting convenes the best minds from think tanks across the country, activist and community leaders effecting change in the states, elected officials leading the way forward, new media voices bringing insight and clarity to the current debates, and rising young leaders who inspire.


For more than 40 years, participants rave about the quality of leaders who attend, the incredible conversations that happen, and the dynamic topics that are explored. This year's event will feature new discussion formats that will enhance collaborative strategy building and take policy initiatives to the next level.


Resource Bank is more than a meeting. It's a community of leaders and influencers advancing change and creating impact.


Last year, we faced a pandemic, civil strife, cultural upheaval, and a protracted political contest. Now, in 2021, we see a lot of unsettling realities before us that jeopardize our economic prosperity and national security, our civic institutions, our children's future, and our most basic freedoms.

The challenges we face are daunting, but if we work together, we can prevail. That is why we have chosen the theme for this year's Resource Bank Meeting to be CHALLENGE 2021.

Join us to take on the challenge of uniting our movement and strengthening American values through policies that promise greater freedom, opportunity, and prosperity. If we are grounded in our principles and willing to come together, we have much reason to be optimistic!

New this year: Challenge Circles






Challenge Circles will be an important part of the Resource Bank experience this year. These groups of 15-20 participants will bring together leaders and influencers with similar interests or cross-sectional expertise to tackle a designated challenge on a specific policy issue, upcoming fight, or new strategy to grow the movement.

The countdown is on, and we cannot wait to be reunited with you!